Tinder launches a web version of it’s dating app for desktop PC

Why a return to the PC? As we have seen, Tinder on PC has no real advantage over the application. Aside from the convenience of using a computer rather than a phone, Tinder Online’s options are exactly the same as Tinder’s smartphone options. So why did Tinder decide to launch a PC version? As you surely know, the main reason is Marketing.

A maneuver to improve Tinder’s image

It should be noted that while Tinder is today known for being the hot dating app par excellence, it was not exactly the basic idea of ​​its founders. Indeed, Tinder was not thought of as a dating application, but rather as a social dating network. You may not see the difference, but between a dating app and a social network, there are millions of difference users. However, it’s a fact, all Tinder users use the app for dating.

Tinder is listed on the stock market and at the same time is experiencing a lot of setbacks in terms of its structure: co-founders transferred to marketing managers with long teeth, between 2013 and 2016, Tinder is not going strong. And as if that was not enough, Tinder is singled out by the international press as “a machine to organize one-night meetings”.

It’s after a complicated period that Tinder decides to launch Tinder Online. This version for PC does not offer any notorious advantages for the user and this is not the purpose of the maneuver. The idea is to stick a little more to the image of social network rather than that of hot application, the creation of the PC version is a perfect solution. However, something tells us that Tinder will still be Tinder, to the dismay of his leaders.

Target even more potential users

As I said, Tinder Online (tinderpc.net) was created with the goal of rebalancing the brand image on the social network side rather than the dating app. Even if we doubt the result, we must admit that since Tinder is also on PC, the number of users has increased significantly. Indeed, if smartphones have invaded the pockets of the entire planet, internet packages and 4G connections, they are not for everyone.
With Tinder Online, you can use the platform from your home, connected to the wifi. Thus, Tinder also targets users who do not have internet access outside their home. And that will surely give you access to more shots, especially for your Tinder profile picture. But for as much, the online version will not be the solution to have more matches if you do not follow the good precepts.