The 11 Best Dating Apps to Find Love Online


Since the breakthrough Tinder in 2012, the application blinds are full of good plans to flirt and meet the soul mate (or the blow of a night). Concerned about your well-being, We give you 11 apps that will guide you to the seventh heaven.

The best known: Tinder

What? Strongly inspired by Grindr, Tinder, released in September 2012, can meet people but geolocated within a radius of two kilometers.

How? If they are on the same wavelength, both members press “Swipe right” to make contact. Otherwise, they go to the next ones by throwing them with a simple slip of finger to the left. In 2014, the dating site of Tinder app was a big hit at the J.O. of Sochi with athletes who are having a blast. Today, the app would count 50 million users, nobody does better.

VF Notice: Unmissable with its number of infinite possibilities. Especially since it is now possible to schedule appointments in advance to thousands of kilometers depending on his upcoming travels.


The earliest: Grindr

What? Give honour where honour is due. Without this US mobile site, the world of digital drag would not be the same. And the big Tinder would be dead letters. Launched in 2009, Grindr allows men to go out and meet other men.

How? We load a photo for his profile (not a part more than 5 centimeters below the navel), its size, its weight, and a small message of presentation. And the radar starts. Very quickly, the site makes a sensation. So much so that the site becomes an app and declines a heterosexual version in 2011, Blendr. In September 2015, the scandal Ashley Madison put the app at the heart of the news. Overwhelming some of the 11 million users.

VF Notice: A moment of history that it is to know even if your sexual orientation is not adapted to Grindr.

The most professional: LikeLunch

What? Professional meetings around a table and a good meal. An app created by the French Frédéric Buron. A kind of LinkedIn of love.

How? “We are entering the era of Real Networking together to share our experiences and projects. Seen like that, LikeLunch can be scary, but this app is just as easy as it looks. Just fill out your professional profile, choose the worlds you are interested in and determine the geographical scope of your research (which obviously depends on your break time already). You are ready to meet your double professional. You will also chat with your contacts.

VF Notice: If your office colleagues are tiring you, there are others who are waiting for you. Enjoy your meal.

Available on iOS and Android.

The most promising: Happn

What? Cocorico, the most serious competitor of the ogre Tinder is a good app for us! In January 2014, Didier Rappaport and the Cohen brothers (no, not the directors) launched Happn, a geolocated dating system based more on romanticism and poetry. Love what!

How? “Meet who you meet”. That girl you did not dare to talk to at the local cafe or this esthete holding the central bar in the subway you were watching with a very informed eye. A quick tour of Happn and they may be there. Love at your fingertips. This speech blue flower seduced users (7 million today, 1 million more every month), as investors since the app has just raised 12.5 million euros at the end of September after the 8 million already collected in December 2014.

VF Notice: App sober, pretty, sweet. Almost too honeyed to be true, some say. And brothel tenderness?

Available on iOS and Android.


The most profitable: Fundi

What? New to the market, Fundi frenchie intends to capitalize on the backs of registered to make his butter by inventing the meeting by auction.

How? Just pay to see, finally to hope to see. Fundi offers to those who are in love with “Give [value] to [his] feelings”: if you like a person, you have to offer a price to get in touch and wait to see if other people interested parties do not raise the stakes. The person who wins the auction is entitled to 24 hours of chat with the selected person. If you register, it will be necessary to put you on your 31 to boil the mobile users. And save some money because prices can skyrocket.

VF Notice: An App for Young, Beautiful and Rich People? Chances are, yes. It takes good for everyone to notice …

Released in November on iOS and Android.


The most social: Buddyzee

What? Buddyzee presents itself as a “Social Pop” network to create a social link between people who can offer all kinds of outings.

How? By daring pardi! Buddyzee’s app (for buddy = buddies) and (easy = easy) gives you the freedom to your proposals (go for a drink, see a movie, an exhibition) or recommendations on a particular place. Members can also post photos of their favorite places or people. Even of themselves, which allows to have an opinion on his person in a soft way, without any pretension.

Avis VF: A good way to look for a meeting without seeming to be concerned. Just in case.

The most feminist: Bumble

What? The app that gives women the power to lead discussions.

How? In the manner of Tinder, profiles of singles well in all respects are proposed. A swipe on the right or a swipe on the left makes it possible to keep them or throw them away. If that’s right, the girls have 24 hours of operations. At no time can men take the wheel. But beware, it only takes 24 hours. We must therefore start the conversation incisively enough not to see his privilege go up in smoke.

VF Review: Let’s get ready to Bumble ladies and ladies! In 2015, the first step is not just a men’s affair. Put aside your ego.

Available on iOS.


The most cinematic: Tutti Flirty

What? Another app made in France. Its surplus value? We see in real and immediately the person with whom we “crush” mutually.

How? To be registered on Tutti Flirty (the reference to Little Richard will not have escaped you), you must first take a selfie and change it every day. No pretense here, so we play short. And if it matches between two people, 15 seconds of video begin, for a first meeting. Then, the conversation can continue in video if the protagonists pay or in writing, free of charge.

VF Notice: The concept of immediate video chat is clever and tempting. Be careful though: it is not uncommon to see the rule of the obligatory selfie bypassed with arranged self-portraits.

Available on iOS.

The most elitist: The League

What? An elitist app for over-educated or very ambitious people whose ego needs to be flattered. A private circle on smartphone if you prefer.

How? To find his double, you have to download the app and register on a waiting list. Because we do not mix the tea towels and towels in the League. Your CV will be scrupulously scrutinized. The designer, Amanda Bradford, a thirty-something graduate from Stanford, wants to create a high-end network to avoid unnecessary encounters. Registrants will also be sanctioned in case of abuse of contacts without follow-up. The success is at the rendezvous since there are 100,000 people on the waiting list.

VF Notice: Your turn will come. Or not. Because The League only works today in New York or San Francisco. Expats will appreciate.

Available on iOS.

Most personal: OK Cupid

What? An app that asks you a lot of questions to really know who you are and allow you to talk about other things than rain and good weather.

How? A real personality test, this is what you will have to undergo before enjoying OK Cupid. It is necessary to describe oneself physically, professionally and personally (your sexuality for example, which can be “spatiosexual”), but also to answer questions like “Dog or cat? “, To mention the things you could not live without, what you think about drugs … so many things you can also know about others. Once the questionnaire is finished, an algorithm is responsible for finding the most successful matches, the higher the percentage, the better you normally go together.

Opinion VF: It is hard to believe that the text of presentation and the common points are enough to create the meeting of our life. But it allows us to know a little about ourselves, so let’s go.

Available on iOS and Android.


The safest: Parship

What? A dating site that comes in app and promises meetings of serious and cultured people. And singles too.

How? You must create an account on the site before surfing the application. Then, Parship ensures that everything is authentic: photos, information about the person … Then you have to find shoes at your feet, with some finances since you have to subscribe to a subscription for a minimum of three months (39.90 euros it goes to 24.90 euros over 6 months and 19.90 euros over one year).

VF Notice: Named for the site of the year 2015, Parship is a safe bet of the mobile dating. A little too planplan for that matter.

Available on iOS and Android.