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Tinder launches a web version of it’s dating app for desktop PC

Why a return to the PC? As we have seen, Tinder on PC has no real advantage over the application. Aside from the convenience of using a computer rather than a phone, Tinder Online’s options are exactly the same as Tinder’s smartphone options. So why did Tinder decide to launch a PC version? As you surely know, the main reason is Marketing. Continue reading 

The 11 Best Dating Apps to Find Love Online


Since the breakthrough Tinder in 2012, the application blinds are full of good plans to flirt and meet the soul mate (or the blow of a night). Concerned about your well-being, We give you 11 apps that will guide you to the seventh heaven.

The best known: Tinder

What? Strongly inspired by Grindr, Tinder, released in September 2012, can meet people but geolocated within a radius of two kilometers.

How? If they are on the same wavelength, both members press “Swipe right” to make contact. Otherwise, they go to the next ones by throwing them with a simple slip of finger to the left. In 2014, the dating site of Tinder app was a big hit at the J.O. of Sochi with athletes who are having a blast. Today, the app would count 50 million users, nobody does better. Continue reading