6 Quick Tips to Promote Your App: Guide to Mobile App Marketing

There are many ways to promote an app. To the point that it sometimes becomes difficult to know where to start or simply how to go about it. The way you mix, plan and execute your mobile marketing strategy will be the key to the success of your promotional campaign. Today we will summarize and present some of the best practices and strategies to promote your application effectively. The goal is to improve the awareness of the application and its number of downloads. By using these techniques and strategies, you will be able to differentiate yourself from your competitors and take advantage of them.

Best ways to promote your Mobile App

1 – Include your keyword in the name and description of the app

Do your research and ask yourself what your customers are looking for. Use matching keywords in the app’s name and description. You can also include them in your ratings comments. Use one or more keywords in the application name to show important changes in the app’s positioning. Indeed the title of your application has more importance in the system than your description.

As for the use of keywords, you can not use them indefinitely. Keep in mind that after having used them 5 times they will have no impact on the application. I advise you then to use other keywords, which can be synonymous, of course. This will allow you to promote your application more effectively. Think of course to test your keywords. Their relevance will allow you to go up in the rankings and thus increase your visibility, and also your downloads. In summary, it is best to appear in the top 5 of a specific search rather than in the top 50 of a general search.

2 – Update your icon according to trends

I think it is important to remember that the icon of your application is your first opportunity to attract new users. When performing a search, what appears first are the application icons. Analyzing the icons of each app is a first technique for users to filter the results obtained. This is the first impression you give users.


We can never repeat it enough, but the first impression is of paramount importance since it will condition the user for the rest of the process. Hence the importance of having a relevant icon with a design corresponding to current trends. In a way, the user must have an idea of ​​the usefulness of your application just by seeing its icon. This is not an easy thing, but this step is of great importance if you want to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Attracting future users to your page with your icon then gives you the opportunity to convince them with your screenshots and description.

3 – Give context to your screenshots and add text

You added your keywords to the name of your app, design your icon according to trends … now we go to the screenshots. Once on the page of your application, the user will look at your screenshots to see what the app looks like. This is a very important step in the process. Indeed, screenshots are among the most important points from a conversion and sales point of view. Some users will download your app directly after scanshots scanned without even reading a line of your description. The reverse in this case is much less common. To promote an app you will need to heal its image, and this goes through the screenshots.

Here are some tips that can be useful: present a feature or an attractive value on each screenshot, without repeating it several times and remaining brief. Try to put your screenshots in a realistic context. For example, a hand holding a phone displaying a screenshot of your application. It is a technique to convey empathy to your user and thus allow him to imagine the situation.

4 – Prepare three press releases

Planning news and optimizing press releases will help you to define the path you want to take and where it will take you. This will save you management time and allow you to communicate a “complete story” to the media about your application. This is usually done during the first few months of the app’s life. Here are some examples of key milestones that can be used in the media: “The birth or history of the application”, “launching and putting on-line on blinds”, “success with the public”, “adapted use” , “The new functionality”.

It is also important to have good relations with the press people like journalists or referents. If you do not count or can not spend much time on this part of the process, focus on a dozen people. It is very important to create good links with these people since they are going to talk about your application to the general public. You should know that there is always a person or two behind a newspaper, a website or a company. However, relations are not with legal entities. Establishing a relationship with the media is very important for your application. Read their content, share it, show them interest, and that goes beyond the fact that you want to focus their attention on your application.

5 – Update your application for different app stores

For a variety of reasons, more and more users are choosing not to use the main app stores, Apple and Google, for other, less known and less developed app stores. By updating your application on these app stores you will reach new users who are somehow looking for innovative new applications. Here are some examples of alternative app stores: Amazon, Softonic, Samsung, AppBrain, 1mobile, Opera, Aptoide, SlideMe, Andapp. Among many others of course.

6 – Exchange your ad with other developers

Advertising between applications is a good way to expand your community without having to pay. This can be done naturally and logically if there are several applications. The problem is that it will always bring us the same users, which is not very interesting. However, there are online platforms to exchange your ads such as Tappx. In fact, this platform is the largest in the world in terms of advertising sharing and can give you a real boost in traffic.

The goal is to exchange your advertisement with those of other developers. It is a kind of solidarity publicity because it is very fair. For each ad click you generate with your app, you’ll get the equivalent in return. In this way it will be possible to share your advertisements with more than 10,000 developers in the world. Not to mention that the community is constantly growing. It would be a shame to miss out on an opportunity like this.

Promoting an app is not a simple and fast task. This will require time and motivation if you want to do it at best. If after all this you still prefer to leave the work to the professionals, you can propose us your project and we will help you to realize it.